5 Questions To Ask When Considering a Website Redesign

1. How long has it been since my company’s website design?

The industry average for redesigning websites is every 2.66 years. That doesn’t necessarily mean you are due for a redesign. When considering a redesign, we need to first take a look at these factors.  Do you like the look of your site? Is your site generating sales and bringing in leads? When I search for my site on Google is the site on the first page? If you aren’t satisfied with the answers to these questions then it is time to seriously consider a site re-design.


2. Is your current website responsive?

A responsive website will appear cohesively across all device it is viewed on. Including; PC’s, mobile phones, tablets etc.  A responsive site looks great no matter which device your customers are using to view it.  Responsiveness became critical when in 2015, Google announced that they would penalize sites that were not mobile friendly. If your website cannot be viewed easily on a mobile phone your customer is likely to go elsewhere. More people use their phones to access the web than ever before. According to recent a study 63% of internet usage is done on a mobile phone.   Giving your customers a seamless experience across all of their mobile devices will help you nurture a relationship with your customer. As well as making your website more visible to search engines.


3. Does your website have a call to action and/or lead generation methods?

Another important factor to remember when considering a site redesign, is there a way to stay in touch with customers who are thinking of buying? Your website needs to offer ways that you can generate leads, so you can nurture those leads into sales over time. Make sure your website has a call to action for your customers.  A call to action is simply a mechanism to allow the customer to trade their email address for some valuable information such as a report or guide. Using newsletters or an email campaign, your company can engage customers with details about the products or services you offer and how they help to solve the customer’s problems and meet their needs. Keeping in touch with your customers and potential customers through email, social media and other platforms will lead to more sales down the road.


4. Does my site talk to the customer’s need or just say what your products and services are?

Gone are the days when companies just put up a website listing their products and services. In the modern online marketplace, Google demands websites offer customers more than just a catalog. A design that speaks to your customer’s needs and offers to help solve their problems is what successful websites do. There are many ways a great website can accomplish this. Helping your customer make informed decisions while also offering free resources that address your customer’s needs and problems. As well as highlighting how your product or service helps solve that need goes a long way in converting leads into sales. Which of course has the added benefit of helping your website climb higher in search results. Giving as much value to the lead as possible helps you build trust and authority with that lead. At the end of the day, a website that offers more to their customer than just prices and product/services descriptions are the websites that make customers buy!


5. Does my website have a blog or article section where my company can show authority and knowledge in their field?

Because of the many benefits a lot of companies are adding blogs or article libraries to their websites. These can help your site rise in search engine rankings because you are offering your customers more and they will stay on your site longer. A key to how Google ranks pages. It also shows your company as an authority in your field. Having a blog where you can discuss your solutions helps show that your company knows their business and helps you earn a reputation for being an expert in your field. Use your companies blog to help educate customers on the products or services that you offer and explain why they can meet their needs and sales will follow. Together with increased visibility with search engines and you’ve got a winning combination!

If you would like to discuss how a website redesign can help grow your business, schedule a strategy session today!


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