Project Scope

Comtrend is a leading designer and manufacturer of broadband communication equipment. We completely redesigned and developed the US Based company site and deployed a fully customizable content management system for the Comtrend team.

Client: Comtrend
Sector: Broadband Communication Equipment
Discipline: UI Design, Web Design, Content Mnagement System

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Since 2011, Raining Fire has been fully accountable for our website, including dozens of products that we manufacture, our partner programs, as well as the back-end training of our staff. Patrick has been key in transitioning our personnel into greater self-sufficiency with WordPress components and our video content. We continue to rely on Raining Fire for new development, maintenance, and security for our company’s website.

Dan Knofler
Director of Marketing
Comtrend / North America

Providing Tools to Build Their Business

Comtrend is a fast-growing company offering a wide range of broadband solutions.  They are regular winners of the Best in Biz Awards and share that distinction with other companies such as Adobe, ADP, Epson & TransUnion.


Comtrend's website was static HTML page so every page had to be updated with an HTML editor and required some technical skills. Comtrend's impressive product line requires delivering the information in different ways to different customer types. Servicing the Home User as well as Service Providers and Businesses forced Comtrend to seek a platform that would allow them to organize their product offering as well as allow the team to create completely customized landing pages without having any skills coding web pages.


Dan and I sat down and discussed the challenges and requirements.  Once I understood how the business delivered information to their customers we put together a fully customizable WordPress site and enhanced the online editor to allow the Comtrend team to build unique and custom pages with almost no technical skills. Now their marketing team can focus on important tasks without having to learn a new skill just to edit the website. Raining Fire produced a series of short video tutorials to show the Comtend team how to edit the site easily.

Today the entire site is delivered dynamically and allows the Comtrend team to manage every aspect of the content through the simple Admin Dashboard.


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