Precision Coatings

Project Scope

Precision Coatings is a successful paint manufacturer in Missouri. We completely redesigned and developed the Precision Coatings website from the ground up with a fresh user interface and an intuitive user experience with a focus on lead generation.

Client: Precision Coatings
Sector: Small Business, Coatings Manufacturer
Discipline: UI Design, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation

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Precision Coatings hired Patrick to build our company website and set up and host our email campaign. Patrick went above and beyond what we asked of him and completed his work in a timely and professional manner. We continue to use Patrick for follow-up maintenance on our website and are very happy with the results.

Jim O'Keefe
Precision Coatings

Building Small Business for Big Results

Precision Coatings is a growing company but with sales plateauing, they understood that the brand needed to focus on messaging the brand to the different types of customers they serve. Boasting a unique offering of specialty coatings, Precision is finding success with high profile projects such as Petco Field in San Diego, Adobe Systems Headquarters,  Stanford University, and Wynn Resorts. It started with the focus on reintroducing the brand and its solutions.


Precision Coatings has an impressive line of specialty coatings products. However, it came to a point when their lack of marketing began to hold them back and their online presence was no longer meeting their ever growing needs. That’s when Jim O'Keefe, the Vice President of Sales at Precision Coatings, approached us for a solution.


After my first consultation with Jim and his team and a little research into their current situation, I quickly realized they needed more than just a website redesign. They were ready for a complete messaging and lead generation overhaul. This would not only build trust and authority with new and existing customers, but it would also give their products the ability to shine in the way they deserved. This transformation would include a complete restructuring of the website and rewriting the content to focus on the customer goals- not to mention a creative reboot for their email campaign efforts.

I presented this solution to Jim & company and needless to say, they were excited and ready to go!

Since then we are happy to see the website traffic increase by 43% while generating high profile leads and sales.


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